Penelope Frances

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 I was born in Skipton, rural Western Victoria and grew up on a wheat/sheep farm in Nerrin-Nerrin where I nurtured animals and roamed the farm.My "Nurse Call" stems from this childhood, and at an early age I knew I would be a nurse. My journey to become a nurse was not all smooth sailing, but looking back over my 38 year career, I began to write down notes on how my nursing has impacted my life. I wanted to leave a legacy for my 3 wonderful kids so as they could understand my essence and who I am?Answering my nurse call was the key to opening the door to the most fulfilling career I could ever have wished for.I detail many situations I encountered  and characters I met along my journey, who touched and changed my life and outlook,in profound ways.This autobiography also outlines the changes that have occurred in both attitude and practices over my career. It is targeted for those who ever thought or wondered what it is like to be a nurse? I am now a clinical student nurse facilitator and thought my story may help anyone thinking about answering their "Nurse Call" I am no different to any other nurse out there. Each one has their own unique stories to share and I hope my memoirs encourage even more who read my story to answer their own unique "Nurse Call"

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